Purpose of the WGBH Educational Foundation

WGBH Educational Foundation has one exclusive mission, service to mankind to impart knowledge anytime, anywhere and in any form. The people at WGBH Educational Foundation are committed to changing the lives of people though programs and services that not only educate and entertain but serve as an inspiration.

This is the newly refined purpose with which the WGBH Educational Foundation functions. The original objective was from John Lowell Junior, who used the radio as the means of broadcasting free lectures on various cultural topics to the people of Boston as early as 1830s.

The purpose of WGBH Educational Foundation is realized in the form of services that they provide. Each of these services has the main mission imbibed. Their first and foremost objective is to make use of the knowledge and information available to one and all at any time, anywhere. The organization is ready to deliver the information in any format through various communication mediums suitable and convenient to the reader.

Another objective is to take the opinion of the audience as they are the ones who use the product and their feedback is a valuable source for continuous improvement. This action of inclusion of the viewer brings in a sense of belongingness and participation, which pushes them to contribute more to the betterment of services along with new and innovative ideas of working.

WGBH Educational Foundation aims to make the public media very easy to access. They work in various ways to come out with innovative ideas and methods by which information is made available to the audience.

Since most of the programs that WGBH Educational Foundation deals with are for children, it works towards the absoluteness of the information so that the child can use information to grow mentally. The people at WGBH Educational Foundation put their best efforts in researching, since information is very vital for educating children. This genuine act of serving children has won the trust of parents, educators as well as public.


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